COVID-19’s Impact On Couriers

It has been over two years since the start of the COVID-19, and it seems that there isn’t a single person who hasn’t seen the changes COVID-19 has created some positive some negative. All businesses, in the UK – not just couriers have had to adapt to stay positive and profitable. Hopefully now we have seen the worst of COVID-19, but trade across the world is still recovering from the initial impact.


Couriers such as Nationwide Courier Service are now more important than ever. Nationwide Courier Service has experienced growth of over 600% since COVID-19 first hit back in March 2020 but not without its challenges. Stripes is growing and employing more drivers to meet demand, so work is always available.

Whether you work with couriers or own your own courier business, or even if you’ve ordered something online, chances are you’ve witnessed a disruption to the typical expected service. From longer shipping times and low or limited stock to contactless deliveries or increased shipping costs, companies have had to make changes to keep up with the pressure of the outbreak of COVID-19 and the dreaded lockdowns.

The spread of the virus in the UK caused absence from work which has meant businesses (including couriers) have at times had to consider providing limited services and working from home. Lockdown led to a fall in sales in high street shops, but this was quickly replaced by greater online sales. Consumers adapted quickly to the problem and bought essentials online. This way of buying has continued to grow a COVID-19 has become less of a problem, therefore couriers becoming more in demand to get a product to its customer safely without delays.

The pandemic has proven to be a challenging time for many businesses and adapting to new services, to meet the lockdown restrictions. Subsequently forcing them to seek innovative ways to continue serving the public & other businesses, whilst keeping customers and employees safe.

How has COVID-19 affected Stripes Drivers?

Here at Stripes, We had to adapt to changing rules and regulations to still be able to offer our services at the highest standard as usual. Same day delivery was more important than ever getting demanded products to its destination quickly and efficiently so supply chains didn’t stop. Couriers were relied on more than ever to keep the UK working, COVID-19 introduced “stay at home” but not for our courier drivers that were still on the road 24/7 making the important deliveries businesses were relying on.

Couriers across Nottingham, London and the rest of UK, have seen the COVID-19 drive a surge in demand for eCommerce and deliveries using the services such as Same-day couriers. As customers shift to online shopping for essentials such as food, medicine and clothing, the necessity for a reliable courier service in across the UK has never been more crucial.

The pandemic has caused massive disruption to global supply chains across many different sectors. Transport networks and distribution patterns have undergone many changes and continue to do so, so courier and delivery services have had to accommodate all these disruptions and adapt and innovate their own operations accordingly.

Reduced capacity is one negative as a result of COVID-19 Despite this rise in sales, there was a considerable lack of capacity. The limits on travel, reduced staff due to vulnerability or sickness and even limits on the products they can get hold of, couriers have been under immense pressure.

Stripes worked throughout the lockdown to support all industries across the UK with logistics services, including ensuring that retailers had enough stock for those late-night shopping sprees.

Working 24/7, 365 days a year, we are always able to move your products no matter when you might need them moving. Our dedicated stripes couriers move your items directly from Point A to Point B, with no co-loading, which means you’ll never experience any delays caused by other people’s goods.

Now COVID-19 has eased, and more businesses have gone back to work. Now, with the shops in the UK open, couriers can expect to see an ease in demand. Or maybe not the growth of reliance and simplicity of e-commerce has meant things will never go back to the way they were with eCommerce still growing to this day, same day courier are more runoff their feet than ever before.

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