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No matter where or what a courier is delivering, there is a range of health and safety measures in place for all parties involved to make sure everyone is safe and happy. Although delivering goods might seem simple, couriers can face difficult tasks from day to day whilst also maintaining the quality of transport, equipment, and technology. All these aspects also play a key role in the health and safety side of everyone involved

Although there are many laws and legislation’s in place, there are also plenty of smaller responsibilities that couriers can do themselves to stay extra safe when delivering them important parcels. These measures can range from collection in the warehouse to front door delivery which is why a simple checklist is beneficial for all.

As this job requires a lot of heavy lifting and day to day physical tasks, keeping on top of health and wellness can help prevent fatigue, injury, and medical conditions such as heart disease. There are, however, a few specific health and safety measures for couriers to consider avoiding both short term and long-term effects.

What Couriers Need?

First Aid
Foot WearIt might seem simple, but the footwear worn by a courier can have a huge impact on their comfort and safety at work. Not only are delivery drivers constantly on their feet, but they also deal with heavy loads on a regular basis. Choosing the right footwear such as sturdy boots can help protect feet from injury and strain. When choosing footwear, couriers should consider features such as the materials used, traction and cushioning especially when driving all day.
EssentialsAs a courier, the hours can differ from day to day, however it’s always crucial to remember the essentials, especially when driving long distances. Stocking up the delivery van with plenty of fluids (water), a first aid kit, snacks for the day, sunscreen and PPE can help with both short term and long-term physical & mental health.
Vehicle Maintenance & ChecksCouriers should have knowledge of the function and running of their chosen transport. Ensuring there is a handbook and equipment available in the case of emergencies is vital, especially if the vehicle is stacking up hundreds of miles. Regular maybe even daily checks should be undertaken to ensure it’s safe to drive and can withstand regular use. Here at Stripes , we make sure couriers have the correct equipment on board and a van newer than 2014 to make sure vehicles are unlikely to cause any risks.
LoadingCouriers have a variety of parcels and goods to deliver every day, being prepared for these orders and having the correct equipment can reduce any health and safety risks that might occur during the lifting or loading process. Many companies will provide specialist devices and carriers for heavier objects, but a courier could also benefit from investing in hard wearing gloves, toe caps and safety glasses as well as equipment to maintain safety of the contents such as straps and sack trucks.
COVID-19During outbreaks of highly communicable illnesses – such as COVID-19 – couriers will be at increased risk of infection through personal contact or handling of products so additional precautions should be taken to protect themselves, processes such as clean vehicles and equipment, washing hands often and gloves / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to maintain as protected as possible from such occurrences.
Construction SitesOne other thing is making sure you have the correct equipment for the drop off point, for example a construction sit often requires Hard Hat, Hi-Vis Jacket and Hard Boots for the safety of the driver in a certain environment so making sire the driver has the correct PPE on board for all occasion.

Couriers Health

Courier Driver

There are currently over 1.5 million company vans on UK road, that in 2020 alone in the UK, 693,000 people sustained an injury at work across all work sectors. What can courier drivers do to reduce the chance of this happening…

Delivery drivers must manage everyday challenges just like the rest of us. From congested roads to making deliveries on time, striking a good work-life balance can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Firstly, getting enough sleep is crucial! Sleeping allows your body to repair itself as well as your stress must be properly managed to maintain good mental and physical health. 

Following Health and Safety Laws and Regulations are the most important factors to stay a Happy & Safe Courier Driver.

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